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Zafer Zariwala

Spanning more than a century in the business of embroidery, we view craftsmanship as art which we have handed down over 6 generations. Each piece we create exemplifies finesse and passion at their core.

A 4th generation embroiderer, Zafer Zariwala has fine craftsmanship in his DNA. ‘Zariwala’ literally translates to embroiderer and that’s just how serious our family is about the business.

Zafer moved to Mumbai in 1969 and took his lineage to a soaring success, establishing himself as one of the most sought after embroidery artisans in the country garnering unparallel respect and appreciation for his skill and innovative ground breaking techniques, which we follow till date.

Rizvi Zariwala

Rizvi Zariwala founded Aamir Beading and Embroideries to further the gift of skill he received. As the 5th Generation embroiderer, Rizvi is the creative heart and soul of the business.

Aamir Zariwala & Sameer Rizvi

Aamir and Sameer, the 6th generation embroiderers, are currently soaking up the years of experience available to them. They bring fresh young blood and innovation to the table.

Riaz Sheikh

Head of embroideries.

Riaz Sheikh ensures that Aamir Beading functions like a well-oiled machine. From collection to production, Riaz is like the thread keeping all the beads of embroidery together.


Spread across 30,000 square feet, “Aamir Tower” is a privately owned 10 storey complex. Located in one of the most prominent corporate areas of Mumbai, each floor has been designed exclusively to serve a specific departmental function and is the nucleus of our business. A state of the art and safety compliant establishment with a specialy built-in fire escape stairway, “Aamir Tower” has the best and the most exhaustive infrastructural facilities in the business enabling us to have every indispensible department in-house.

What We Do
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Machine Embroidery
  • Tailoring
  • Accessories, Shoes and Bags
  • Artwork and Design
  • Dyeing and Printing
  • Quality Control
  • Despatch
  • Archive
  • Merchandising Team
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Hand Embroidery

The craft of Hand embroidery is at the core of our business. With over 300 in-house embroiderers skilled in diverse techniques passed on by generations, hand embroidery at Aamir Beading is celebrated with every piece we create.

We focus on fine craftsmanship married with artistic finesse and expertise which we believe are the epitome of luxury.

Machine Embroidery

A craft with immense potential, machine embroidery has been a game changer in our industry. With technological advancements, we explore the multifarious possibilities of hand guided machine embroidery. A dedicated team of skilled artisans with years of training and experience, we have an avant-garde machine embroidery department which is bursting with potential.


Behind every extraordinary finished garment is a skilled tailor. At Aamir Beading, we have a team of exceptional cutters and tailors who have spent countless hours to achieve mastery over their skills. We alchemize fabric to garments of the greatest intricacies with outstanding quality and impeccable finish worthy of the red carpet which makes us the perfect partner to the best high end brands in the world.

Accessories, Shoes and Bags

A matured accessory manufacturing department allows us to be a leading exporter in the industry.

Aamir Beading is competent in the production of a finished product with end to end solutions for any requirement.

With a large portfolio of services available for accessories such as earrings, necklaces, scarves, bracelets, shoe and bag panels which employ techniques that include intricate hand and machine embroidery, we are equipped to customise products based on the brands requirements.

Artwork and Design

Our experienced team of artists are experts in the field of free hand artwork design as well as software based designed with knowledge of programs like AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Any and every kind of artwork and design can be manoeuvred by Aamir Beading into visual masterpieces.

Dyeing and Printing

As a part of our holistic business approach, we provide services for digital printing, screen printing and Azo free dyeing of fabric.

Quality Control

Our years of experience in the industry have helped us develop and refine a robust system of quality control to perfection.

With the highest standards of quality, our team of highly meticulous quality specialists ensure that each and every piece is thoroughly inspected before the final shipment.


The fashion industry is famous for its fast pace and tight schedules. We take immense pride in our ability to cope up with tight deadlines and timely deliveries of show pieces and samples at very short notices.

We have partnered with the leading international logistical companies that guarantee secure and punctual transportation of the products.


We have a colossal in-house archive room storing more than 20,000 swatches of embroidery samples and techniques which go back more than a hundred years.

Our archive showcases the metamorphosis of embroidery and its techniques over the decades.

This enormous archive of samples is available for reference and inspiration to all our clients.

Merchandising Team

With every business, communication is key. The direct link between Aamir beading and its clients, our communication liaisons are the foundation on which we have built our legacy.

Members of our merchandising team are responsible for swift and precise communication, organisation and execution.

Each client is allocated a dedicated merchandiser who sees them through the entire process from start to end.

Initiatives Know More
Central Saint Martin Scholarship

We are proud to announce our collaboration with CSM London where each year, we provide one student with outstanding talent and vision an embroidery scholarship for their final showcase collection.

We believe it is our responsibility to hone talented individuals of the future and so we assist the student with the entire process of development of the embroideries. To maximise the learning process, we also offer an all-expense paid trip to India to witness first-hand the genesis of their vision through our processes and to develop an intricate understanding of the makings of products.

Teach Empower Employ – Embroidery School for women

A grassroot initiative to empower women, TEE is a Mumbai based embroidery training program aimed at changing the male dominance of the hand embroidery industry in India.

The program is offered exclusively to necessitous under-privileged women where we introduce them to the different embroidery skills and techniques currently required to be employed in the luxury fashion segment.

Aamir Beading not only trains but also employs these women once their training is completed to actually ensure financial independence and freedom.

Zariwala ghazaffer (bubloo rizvi)
Founder and chairman

Ethical behavior and a steady, movement forward towards sustainability is at the heart of the way Aamir beading and embroideries Pvt ltd conducts its business. Our ability to demonstrate our everyday commitment to responsible business management creates the trust without which no business is sustainable.

Since the formation of the Pvt Ltd Company in 2004 great progress has been made in continually reinforcing our mind set which is bent completely towards ethical trade and practices.

The ethical code of conduct signed by every employee and our associates and the plan to move towards sustainability demonstrates our determination to make ethics and sustainability the corner stone of our business activities.

The formation and efficient functioning of several policies and committees as well as being one of the founder members of the UTTHAN program which was conceived and implemented by luxury brands like the KERING group, LVMH group, BURBERRY and some of the leading exporters of Mumbai to empower the embroidery karigars and bring respect and value to their craft testify to our determination and the seriousness of our approach.

Our approach and steady progress towards rain water harvesting, recycling of our raw material waste, reduction of use of plastic as well as investing and installation of solar power only points towards our concern as well as our commitment towards environmental challenges facing our planet.

I would love to see every one of us adopt a similar code of ethics when performing our daily tasks whether at work or in our private lives

Desire to enforce an ethical framework will ensure sustainable growth

Zariwala ghazaffer (bubloo rizvi)Founder and chairman
Green Initiatives
  • Energy Conservation through Solar Panel Installation on the terrace
  • Water Conservation through rain water harvesting which is redirected to recharge the ground water table
  • Plastic use reduction: We have reduced the use of plastic by over 50% by the end of 2019 and are on track to be 100% plastic-free by 2025.
  • Waste Recycling: most of the residue and waste from tailoring and embroidery is re used for packing, raw material for embroidery, beautification of walls and donations to fashion schools and institutes. We recycle and re use packing material received from our buyers.
Disclaimer: The images used are a property of
Disclaimer: The images used are a property of

Mary Katrantzou partners up with Aamir Beading & Embroideries to create an exceptional display of Hand Embroidery to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of ELPIDA, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer for the Spring Summer 2020 Collection at the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion.